It aint what you do, it’s the way that you do it…

Thats what gets results.. When your Dad tells you you look like the 4th member of Bananarama on a dreary summer morning, I feel the best thing to do is make a blog… Continue reading

Ice T on “Fuck It”

I found this clip on the pure evil website, graffiti T.V. and just felt obliged to share it. I think the clip really speaks for itself, so all i will really say is… Continue reading

free range exhibition

There’s nothing me and Hels love more than to have a chin wag about art and general act like the pair of creatives we so much like to be, so with the boyfriend in… Continue reading

Sexy Salmon Suits

Swimming onto the catwalks, salmon suits all round! get ready for full colour coverage and pastel parties next S/S lads! 5’s a trend, these suave suits appeal across the board, with Shaun Samson… Continue reading

Hels illustrations

A few of my illustrations from my day at the exhibition: H x

Free Range Exhibition- Photography

Ok so we’ve been rubbish at blogging/ haven’t blogged at all since our introductory blogs. BUT.. the hours of sunlight are getting shorter, Uni is over till September and i’m ready to report… Continue reading

Tomorrow we will run faster

The great Gatsby. Kinda An awkward start, getting offered the “couples combo” for my sister and I, then getting fleeced for popcorn at the cinema. This was soon all forgotten, as I watched… Continue reading

Hello from Hels

So here we go then, the launch of our new blog. Run by myself (Helen) along with fellow designer, bezzie mate and crazy cat Olivia! A bit about me: specialising in mens footwear… Continue reading

And away we go…..

Hi and welcome to The Curly Tops blog. I’m Olivia, an aspiring footwear designer, art addict, trainer fanatic and one half of The Curly Tops. This blog is the start of our journey… Continue reading